40 | BHAIRAVI JAYANTI | 30.12. FULL MOON * Goddess Bhairavi is the mirror of how we treat our life power.



30 December| FULL MOON*

7-11:30 pm CET | 6-10:30 pm GMT
*A recording will be made available,
if you were unable to make the exact date/time.
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“The days are lengthening
The solstice is passed
The nights recede by a sunlit mast
The first full moon of the rising year
Belongs to Bhairavi, who comes to reveal
The psychic clouds in the sky of our Soul.”

– Boonath

BHAIRAVI JAYANTI is the first date in the Mahavidya Calendar after the Winter Solstice. This Purnima (full moon) will be the first of the ascending half of the natural year – when days lengthen following the Solstice of Winter.

Bhairavi is the fierce Goddess who has a startling glow in her face. She initiates the first full Moon in the new cycle of growing days. Bhairavi means ‘the fierce one’. Her beautiful face shines fiercely with the brilliance of 1000 Moons. She wears a necklace of fresh severed heads, and the Moon stands on her forehead. The sight of Bhairavi can be an ugly, frightening one.

Her lesson is about honouring the dark feminine power.
Yogins watch carefully how they approach Bhairavi.

She will use you,
if she feels she is being used,
and she will honour you,
if she feels she is being honoured.

Bhairavi is nothing more, and nothing less, than the mirror of how we treat our life power. Bhairavi is the fire that consumes, she incites power and passion, her destructive fire ingests creation in its flames.
She is the destroyer of the three worlds of Earthly, Conscious & Unconscious illusions, known collectively as Tripur, for this she is called Tripuri Bhairavi (literally, ‘fierce in the three worlds’). Her burning destruction allows for creation to take place – for the new cannot find a place until the old dies. She is ever present just like her lover Bhairav.

Bhairav is the Masculine of Bhairavi, he is Time, where Bhairavi is that which is beyond Time. The fire of time consumes our lives. Bhairavi is the great beyond, she is the place where death leaves less than the shadow of ash.

Bhairavi is the grand paradox, for she is also beautiful and enchanting. Her beauty excites and calls out our life force as we serve that to which we are drawn. Yet beware, for Bhairavi is also known by the name of Kotraksi, ‘the one with deep, sunken dark eyes’.

The more of our power we give away in life to things which do not feed our Soul, the more ghostly her form becomes to us and the deeper we fall into her dark eyes.

Bhairavi ritual
can reveal to us

the places where
we sidestep the real issues
that we most need to deal with
before our death.

She reveals our well-worn escape routes and petty distractions. It can be frightening and challenging to face Bhairavi, to face her is to face ourselves. Sometimes we turn away from ourselves and towards other occupations, the occupation of Bhairavi is to reveal such strategies.

Bhairavi Jayanti Puja is the study of that which we give our power away to: the corpses that we feed with our life power! Bhairavi sits on a corpse as her vehicle, called the Savasan in Tantra. The corpse does not move and neither does Bhairavi. We move towards them! The more we give away and waste Shakti, the uglier and more fierce Bhairavi becomes to us. This is why she is the drinker of blood. In this life we have to give our energy and life blood, for living and loving requires the investment of our Shakti.

We have to make focussed effort to live, but sometimes it is not focussed enough – or not focused at all. Instead our vision might become obscured by psychic clouds, and Bhairavi reveals these to us in the skies of our Soul. Bhairavi is the force that requires our focus, to face Life and Death together. She requires our involvement and relationship. She is the force of living and dying, which go hand in hand.

It might seem easier to feed our power to a dead corpse than to Bhairavi, for the corpse never complains, whereas Bhairvai can be displeased easily. Yet, Bhairavi cannot be ignored for long, for she comes scratching at our door sooner or later.

She grows more frightening and ugly as we waste our energies in dead things. She becomes the illuminating beauty with the splendour of a 1000 Moons if we face her by confronting the reality of our spiritual lives. This ritual in essence will be about finding and facing the hidden, lost and denied parts of ourselves that do not actively engage into creative Living and Loving.

The ritual will be based around the different Bhairavi Mudras, these are a series of 7 facial expressions that stimulate the 7 chakras. The 3 Bija Mantras of Bhairavi that open and melt the doors to the three worlds of earthly, conscious and unconscious life will be chanted within a sequence of Asan that move us into the timeless dimension of Bhairavi.

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Ancient Tantra

These ancient Tantric healing circles come from a left hand line of Indian Tantra, rare to find even in India today. You will take part in a sacred Yogic tradition that roots itself in Indian lineage handed down orally between generations of Yogis, Babas, Sadhus and Fakirs.
You will be exposed to the old Tantric ways of profound healing and spiritual practice, including practicing in darkly-lit spaces and awakening the senses to the body’s subtle energy currents, holding simple postures for long periods of time, and engaging in powerful breath-work and inner and outer Mantra to open-up the body and take the mind into altered states of consciousness.
The practice draws on postures seldom used in modern styles of yoga, ancient sequences that honour the mother and the feminine, gently opening-up the body to its highest levels of flexibility.
Integral to this work is the exploration of sound-currents present in the body, perhaps one of Yoga’s greatest secrets and one of the most powerful vehicles through which the Karmic. patterns stored in the Chakras can be accessed and resolved.

Boonath in Bhandgiriasan


The practice usually takes place in the dark or darkly-lit spaces.