17 | MATANGI JAYANTI | 15.5. * If we have habits that are standing in the way of our progress and polluting our lives Matangi is the Goddess to approach.



15 May | Charurthi (4th night of the Waxing Moon)*

20:oo-23:oo CEST | 19:oo-22:oo GMT
*A recording will be made available,
if you were unable to make the exact date/time.
Just get in touch.


“Oh Matangi,
Green of complexion
You glisten like an Emerald in the rain.
You accept all our impurities,
You are the heart chakra that openly receives
the leftovers that we have to offer,
the ones that are no use to anyone but you
To you we can bring our shame and our pain,
You can hear our broken refrain!
No one can Love you,
for you are the one who Loves like no other.
Not only do you Love in the sweet scented places,
But you Love in the rotting flesh of yesteryear.
You never withhold your Love.
To you we bow.”

– Boonath

Ucchishta Matangi is the outcast Goddess, and she is worshiped with leftovers.
Ucchishta means polluted scraps and leftovers and anything that is rotting pleases Matangi.

She is the Goddess
who is most pleased
when we offer her
the parts of our Soul
that are no longer edible.

Those parts of us that are old and rotting and are offered to Matangi on this Ritual night.
If we have habits that are standing in the way of our progress and polluting our lives Matangi is the Goddess to approach.

If our health and relationships are not in flow, then Matangi happily takes the old scraps that rot away and pollute the sacred heart, that is, if we even offer them to her.
The thing is that often our addictions and unhealthy habits are difficult to release.
On the one hand they provide a distraction from facing our inner wounds, and on the other hand, they are often a source of shame and may be kept hidden and secret – even from ourselves.

Matangi blesses our shame with the Hand of a healing mother.
Matangi gladly takes our rotting pollution if we dare to face her. To face her, is to face ourselves in the most stagnant of places.
With Matangi, there is no moving around the issue, there is no escape from oneself, there is no rising above or dropping below, there is only… going to the Heart of the matter.

Matangi is a shameless outcast Goddess.
All so-called Taboos are looked at by her emerald green eyes.
She is the outcasted Goddess who isn’t offered a place in polite society, but without her, polite society insidiously pollutes itself in an unseen and noxious manner.

You may come to me in happiness
Or you may come to me in grief
You may come to in your deepest faith
You may come in disbelief

Lover Lover Lover,
– L Cohen

Just as the lyrics above express, Matangi does not care how we come to her. Her lesson is that we even attempt to come to her at all.  Whether we come to her in filthy torn rags, or whether we come to her in royal garments and finery, Matangi will take and bless whatever we have to offer her. Her Jayanti falls under the lunar house of the Deer Star – Mrgasirsa Nakshatra. To read more abou this star constallation click here.



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Ancient & sacred

On these healing circles you will practice a form of Yoga that is rarely available and accessible even in India today. You will take part in a sacred Yogic tradition that roots itself in India’s native shamanic wisdom & Tantric lineage handed down orally between generations of Yogis, Babas, Sadhus and Fakirs.
You will be exposed to the old tantric ways of seeking profound healing and spiritual awakening, including practicing in darkly-lit spaces to quieten the mind and awaken the senses to the body’s subtle energy currents, holding simple postures for long periods of time, and engaging in powerful breath-work to open-up the body and take the mind into altered states of consciousness.


The practice draws on postures seldom used in modern styles of yoga, ancient sequences that honour the mother and the divine feminine, gently opening-up the body to its highest levels of flexibility through minimal effort.
Integral to this experience will be the exploration of sound-currents present in the body (Nada Yoga) – perhaps one of Yoga’s greatest secrets and one of the most powerful vehicles through which the karmic patterns stored in the chakras can be accessed and released in pursuit of profound healing.



Unique to this tradition is its simultaneous employment of Asanas (postures), aerobic & anaerobic Pranayam (breathwork), Mudras (gestures), and Mantras (sacred sounds).
The synergy created by the employment of these various yogic tools will lead you into altered states of consciousness and dream-like experiences aimed at facilitating a greater openness to inward journeying and an easier access to your subconscious.


Because we are going to play with shamanic yogic traditions, the practice will take place outside of clearly time constraints. Generally, the practice will last about 6 hours, but if the group is ready to practice longer we might carry well into the night.


The Circle is open to those interested in the healing path.
Tantra and Yoga practitioners, and those seeking healing, practitioners of the mystic arts. Both advanced and beginners will find a place in this circle.
If you have had or are having psychosis please get in touch directly with us as this is important to know about in this work. The same goes for those with strong mobility issues. Drug and alcohol users also need to inform us of their condition. Thank you.



The practice usually takes place in the dark or darkly-lit spaces.